Marine Aircraft Group 15
1st Marine Air Wing
FPO, San Francico, 96602


From:   Commanding Officer
VIA:    Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron-17 

Subj:   Permissive Travel Orders,  authorization for

1. On or about  today's date  you are authorized to proceed to TASK FORCE DELTA / MCAS Nam Phong, Thailand for a period of about 90 days in connection with Marine Corps matters.

2. Upon completion of the above, you will return to your parent organization and resume your regular duties.

3. Travel via government aircraft is authorized Class III, priority is certified. Upon receipt of these orders, report to Passenger Terminal for manifest.

4. These orders are issued with the understanding that no expense to the government for travel and/or per diem is authorized. If you do not desire to execute these orders with no expense to the government for travel and/or per diem, this authorization is revoked.

5. Prior to departure, all personnel shall insure that Shot Cards are up to date and that a cholera Shot was administered within the last six months, also Small Pox innoculation is current. Shot Cards shall be in possession of each person for the duration of this flight.

6. A copy of these TAD orders shall be kept in the possession of each individual for the duration of their deployment and presented to any Security personnel (US Marine or Thai Army) or Marine NCO upon their request for verification of duty authorization while on or entering MCAS Nam Phong. 

A. E. Neuman
First Lieutenant, USMCR
By direction of the Commanding Officer

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