16 July 1972                            

        From:    Medical Department
        To:      All Hands

Subj:    Individual Preventative Medicine for Survival in the Rosegarden

1.    Malarial Protection:
a.   Take your Chloroquine/Primaquinine tablet faithfully on the 
     same day each week without fail.
b.   Use insect repellant on exposed skin
c.   Wear long sleeved shirts in the evenings.
d.   Properly utilize mosquito tents by spraying the inside
     with sulferasol insecticide prior to retiring and insure
     that all flaps are securely tucked in at night

2.    Fly Control:  Freddy the Fly lives in filth and can trans-
mit many diseases. Control of Freddy is an all-hands, 24-hour
job. Recommendations include the following: 
a.   Keep berthing and work areas policed at all times.
b.   Keep all trash cans covered or in plastic bags.
c.   Do not permit food scraps, etc. to remain exposed.
d.   Check heads before using to insure presence of a barrel.
e.   A urine deflector built into the seat will help your aim.
f.   Wash hands after using the toilet. (For you, not the fly).
g.   Close lids on toilet when the job is done.
h.   Provide an extra set of burn-out cans. Remove and burn
     as frequently as necessary
i.   Clean hands as often as necessary, but not less than daily.
j.   Urinals shall be kept screened and be provided with a
     rain cover.       

3.    PETS:  There shall be not pets in Rosegarden (Rabies are a big
problem here).

4.    VD: Prostitution is commonplace here both on-base and on liberty.
Sex is here to stay, and the same applies to VD. If you canít
leave it alone, at least pay attention to the following rules:
a.   Load your Baht Gun (wallet) with rubbers before you go
     on liberty. (The more the merrier.)
b.   Use the rubbers Ė REPEAT Ė Use the rubbers.
c.   Check the girl/s (we hope they are girls) for a health
     card and number. This is no real guarantee that you will be safe,
     but it does help in locating the girl and getting her cleaned up.
d.   Upon completion of the act, remove the rubber, urinate,
     and wash off thoroughly.
e.   If all else fails, and you canít read instructions,
     report promptly to sick bay for diagnosis and treatment (Donít
     ask your friendly PVT).
f.   So far, our largest source of VD in Udorn has been the
     Paradise Hotel. Forewarned is forearmed.